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We moved into our house about a month ago, and for at least a year before we moved I've been anxious to make our new place more like "home" than what it has been.  Our old house was very cramped, stifling any hope of enjoyable living space.  The walls, I swear, were made out of diamonds.  I honest to God broke about 2-3 nails, at least, for each hole I needed.  The layout was strange, and both the interior and exterior screamed government facility, which means beige cinderblock blah-ness.

One thing I inherited from my mom was my love of changing things up now and then, even if its something small.  I was never completely happy with our old base housing, and a large part of it is that I had very limited options with what I could do in our home.   While I dreamed of our eventual "new home," I promised myself that at the very least, I would paint the kids' rooms to at least give some life and personality to their living quarters.  

Needless to say, about day two in our house I rushed over to Home Depot and went to work!  Lance wanted his room blue, and Alex wanted me to surprise her.  I ended up getting really bright colors for both of them, and I LOVED it!! Especially Lance's room!  For about a week after I painted it, I'd walk by and say "WOW, that is really blue!"  Big Lance thinks it looks like Smurf blue, and when he told Lancie that, he got excited over the prospect of a Smurf room.  Ya.  Not happening.  

I promised the grandmas, my sister, and a few friends of mine I'd show off what we did with their rooms, so while they still need some touches here and there, the kids' rooms are pretty much done :)

The paint is by Behr, and is the color "Azurean."  

This is the first time I've ever actually liked Lance's room.  Try as I might in the past, his room never really flowed well together and just… sucked.  I am in looove now, especially with the walls! The color pops brilliantly against the white trim and his black furniture.  (See the blue crocheted blanket at the bottom of his bed? That was his blanket I made for him while I was pregnant with him, and he always keeps it on his bed <3 )

He has a pirate theme, and has had most of his pirate stuff for a few years now.  We had to buy a new bed because his hand-me-down bunk bed was a few decades past their prime, so in a moment of desperation, I ordered one from Wal-Mart! Gasp!  Trust me, I was kicking myself for actually ordering it, but the reviews were pretty spectacular, so maybe it would suffice? Holy cow, is this mattress comfortable!!  It is a memory foam/spring hybrid that needs no box spring, and came with the frame.  A-Maze-Ing!  I definitely recommend it if you need something comfortable but cheap.  I also ordered this basic, but cute black bookcase headboard and Paul Frank "Skurvy" comforter from Target.  I love how the bold black and white stripes went so well with the blue-black-white-ness of his room.

We got that steering wheel (? is that what its called?) at a Japanese superstore of sorts, but I'm sure you can find those anywhere.  I want to either find or make some cool pillows for his bed.  His pirate Mickey we got when we went to Disney World almost five year ago.  The pirate chest on the left is pretty nifty - he got it for Christmas a year or two ago.  I think I'll do a "gift idea" post on it actually :)

When we started his pirate theme a few years ago, I did a google search for pirate pictures to print and found the ones hanging on his wall.  I liked the drawn black and white art and printed and framed them.  Cheap decor!  I think they need a mat though... 

Dresser.  Exciting.  Cookie Monster seems to think so at least.  

His other dresser.  That lava lamp is actually red.  Thats a samurai kokeshi doll, and the painting is his name in Kanji.  

I love Command hooks - the easy-to-remove kind, and I probably have spent about two paychecks on them since we've moved here.  Easy way to do non-damaging hanging, such as all of Lance's hats and his Nerf velcro dart board :)

I even splurged for a fancy hook for the outside of his door.  I'm fancy like that.

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