Hello July! And… What We've Been Up To

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July is halfway over already! That means that next month I have to get in full school-shopping mode, and my summer nights are slowly getting shorter and shorter. We haven't been doing anything big or spectacular really, still just settling in and enjoying this fabulous routine while I have it (Lance is in school, meaning nearly everyday he is done well before noon).   I am still working on the house, but the bulk of it is all done and just minor touches and decorating, with the exception being my bedroom (oh, the horror…).  The kids have been getting serious farmer's tans by playing outside and riding their bikes, scooters, Rip Stiks, pogo sticks, and everything else thats littering my backyard.

I haven't even really spent much time on the computer lately (!!!) but I'm sure that will change very soon :) Just today I finally purged my cameras and iPhone of all the pictures I've been collecting over the past month or so, so here are some things we've been up to (and some pics of the house, as I'm sure the grandmas will sure like to see where their grandbabies are spending their time)

There are deer and rabbits everywhere here! Rabbits seem to be Washington's version of the squirrel; I have yet to see one, but I more rabbits over a weekend than I've ever seen in my whole life.

Pics of the kiddos I took for my sister

Speaking of sister… she had her first baby last month!! Rylie was born on June 16th, and this is my favorite picture of her.  Mom and Dad are doing great, and enjoying their time together before Dad goes off to Afghanistan for nearly a year :'(

Me, seeing if this fella will turn into a prince too.  Turns out he's just a leeezard.

My new house! Its so freaking cute, especially considering its military housing.  I guess I shouldn't really say that since a lot of work has been done over the last decade or so to modernize their housing, but my last house sure wasn't this nice.  Its nothing fancy, I know, but it suits us just fine :)

Our dining room/kitchen area, the day the movers came.  That was a month ago, and yet my bedroom still looks like this… 

Alex discovered the joy of puff paint designing

Over Fourth of July weekend, a carnival was in town, so of course we went.  The weather was beyond amazing… I could really get used to this place! (I think I should retract that statement until I experience winter first)

We were cracking up over this pic

Thats Lancie holding on for dear life!

On the 4th we walked down to the waterfront a few minutes away to watch the fireworks.   Have I mentioned it is beautiful here?

I've never found driftwood before, and it is up and down the coast here everywhere! I'm planning on collecting some soon for a cool project I have in mind

Night cap sparklers

 We are still without a few essential things in the house, such as our tv, vaccuum, and microwave, thinking it would come here quicker.  No such luck.  Anyhoo, here the kids are learning how people in the "olden days" would make popcorn

Clearly Alex had a blast

 And last, but certainly not least, the kids in line for HP7.2 3D!  OH BOY was it awesome! I think I was the only person in the free world who honestly did not know what happened, but I had my theories :) So amazing!

There's my recap of what we've been doing! I should be updating more regularly now - happy summer!

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