Alex's Room

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Since Alex is starting to get older, I've been trying to make her steer clear from any actual "theme," as she would surely outgrow it quickly.  Instead, we've been letting her theme be bright, funky colors, which works out quite well as almost anything could match in her room.  I love her bedding I got about two years ago since so much can coordinate with it, and the color scheme definitely inspired what we've done with the room.  

Alex wanted me to surprise her with the color of her walls, so I brought home two paint samples and tested out her walls :)

Looks like "mom" wins with Behr's "Majestic Violet."

The kids' rooms are tiny, so trying to take pictures was quite awkward, needless to say.  This shot is standing in her doorway.   Just bought the curtains and the rug (and two matching pillows) at Wal-Mart

Her awesome comforter set, definitely the inspiration for the room.  I wish I could remember where I got it!

The mirror and fiber optic lamp are from Ikea.  Lance and I had to take down her closet door so we could put her book case up against that tiny space, so we decided her closet would be a really cool place to hang it.  We just need to dig out her stuff to make it more presentable.  Wouldn't it be a neat reading nook?

We still have some things we need to hang on her walls, so there is a lot of bare space throughout the room

I just had to take a picture of this! I was really surprised it survived the move.  This is Alex's habitat she made for a second grade project - isn't it awesome?? I taught her how to paper-maché, and all of these other ideas were completely hers.  See the queen bee? :)

This is Puppy, the puppy.  Alex's prized possession.  Remember when I told you she left something at a hotel in North Dakota and I had to drive like an hour back to get it? Yup, the same one.  This past weekend we went to see Harry Potter, and while we were killing time at the mall, we stopped by Build-A-Bear.  Alex had to get a wizard outfit for the occassion :)

And finally, her baby mobile :) Years ago I randomly suggested she still hang it over her bed, and she still does! I love that despite how old she thinks she is (and she is quite a mature child), she can still enjoy being a little girl and doesn't feel too old to display things from when she was younger. 

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