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Hi strangers! I know I haven't been posting, but we've just been busy trying to become locals! The kids and I (and two dogs) drove cross country from Virginia to Washington state the beginning of May, and Lance finally came back stateside a week and a half ago! We are all officially moved back to the States!

Well… I guess it depends on what you consider officially moved - its all a matter of perspective.  We are all physically in our new duty station here in gorgeous Washington, but we are (still) living in a hotel.  Yup, we've been nomading it up since March.  The good news, though, is that TOMORROW we get our house! Its a super cute townhouse, and I get so happy driving by and looking at the neighborhood.  If you consider moving into your new house "official," then tomorrow will be my big day.  Or do you consider when all of your things are all set up in your new house, and all settled in? Found out about ten minutes ago that June 27 is our big day, so I suppose I'll be super official by then!

I'm in love with the area I live.  We live on Whidbey Island, which is about an hour and a half north of Seattle.  I'll start writing more about what what we've been doing around here and putting up pictures of it, but strange enough, I haven't really been toting my camera around to capture the beauty of the island! The kids are enrolled in school and have made new friends already.  Alex's first week of school she already had a few "best friends," so I'm very happy she adjusted very quickly.  Lance Jr is Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky, so I wasn't as worried about him, but rest assured, he fit in just fine in his new class.

We've been exploring little things to do around the island, but haven't really done too much unfortunately.  We've had a noise complaint (or two…) about the dogs barking when we left the hotel, and we've been feeling pretty tethered to the dogs because of it.  I feel bad for them, as their world has been completely turned around as well and they have no understanding of what is going on, but they seem to be doing fine otherwise.

One neat thing we did spontaneously was chase a rainbow yesterday! On our way home from dinner we saw a rainbow that spanned in the area that we were in, and it was amazing! We were able to see exactly where one end of the rainbow ended and lit up a patch of trees on the shore, and it looked like the other end was in the housing area we are moving into (An omen? I'll take it!).  Sadly, once we started getting pretty close, the rainbow faded, but it was still a fun chase :)

Today my goal is to pack up most of this hotel room and drop it off in my new backyard (and maybe peek in the windows again?) so I can check out of our hotel on time tomorrow.  We bought a pingpong table at a garage sale last weekend as well as a pool table off Craigslist, and we are anxious to bring those home this weekend into our garage we are going to use as the man cave.  I've been buying random things here and there to satisfy my obsessing of having a home again, so it will be fun integrating the new with the old.

We are so excited to have another new start in a beautiful state!  Time to start lugging my camera around everywhere :)

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