Washington D.C Trip

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Its only been a month since the family and I went to DC… I guess its time to show off some pictures, huh? :)

We all had so much more fun than we expected - especially the kids.  On the way home, both of them were talking about how they weren't that excited about going on a trip to mostly visit museums and monuments, but they definitely changed their opinions.

We only stayed four days, thinking that would be plenty of time.  Definitely NOT enough time, so I'll keep that in mind for whenever we go again.  We budgeted our time so we could hit the spots we really wanted to see, and we sadly ended up missing out on so much. We went to the Air and Space Museum, Natural History museum (*swoon*), the American History museum, the National Archives (which gave me the chills being surrounded by papers that truly created America), the zoo, and the monuments.  I have so many favorite pictures of things we saw, and it was extremely hard to narrow it down to the "few" I posted below.  Enjoy! 

One of our first days there was April 20th. Hardy-har-har

Lance and I hardly have any pictures of us, so we made Alex practice with our camera so we can finally have a few! She did pretty well, I think!

We rented a paddle boat to ride in the lake in front of the Jefferson Memorial.  The boys did all the work while us girls sat in the back and enjoyed their chivalry.  

On a side note, the older she gets, the more she looks like her daddy. They have mesmerizing eyes!

This kid is just naturally photogenic.  He sure doesn't get it from me!


From the mouth of babes!

 We were explaining the significance of the Jefferson Memorial to the kids, and pointing out the infamous line from the Declaration of Independence, pictured above.  We told Lance Jr that those words were there in the memorial because Jefferson wrote those words.  He looked at us seriously and asked "Was he a construction worker?" We were puzzled, and again explained to him who Jefferson was.  Then he asked "If he wasn't a construction worker, then how did he write it on the wall like that?"


This was a disappointment.  Oh well, next time!

Us chillin' with Honest Abe

I love, love, love this picture!! And I love, love, love my husband for taking the time to do this without my knowing!  My dad's brother was a Ranger during the Vietnam War, and was MIA for many, many years.  His remains were found a while back, and in 2000 there was a ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery to finally put him to rest.  Above is his name listed on the Wall, as well as Lance Jr's hand pointing it out. 

Next time, we will remember to try to keep the feet out of the reflection :)

The kids, finally where they belong

Isn't that hilarious?! We especially got a kick out of it because Lance Jr lays that way all the time, ever since he was a baby!

This guy was great! There is a touch-screen computer in front of him, and he is playing a matching game.  His reward is a treat for getting so many correct! Let me tell you, he was a champ gamer, matching the pictures without any hesitation whatsoever.

Yes, we were at the moon landing. 

We're such a hot couple!


This was a bit unsettling.  In the Natural History museum, there is an active seismograph on display, recording the day's earthquakes.  They kept the chart from the March 11 Japan earthquake.  Isn't that amazing? If you google an example of what normal seismograph charts would look like, you would have a better appreciation of how literally off the charts that quake was.  Just another reminder of how bad the Japanese have it, and how grateful I am to be back home.

Since I'm new to the dental field and want to go to school for hygiene, I had to get a picture of this antique chair :)

There's no place like home… There's no place like home...

This really caught Lance and I by surprise! Lance is from a little bitty town in Louisiana, and the flag above is from the U.S. Colored Infantry during the Civil War in the little bitty town right next door to him! It was so neat for us to see a piece of (his) home on display in the Smithsonian!

Do you think Lincoln has the Blu-Ray collector's edition of Braveheart?

Michelle Obama's inaugural dress

If you ever see this on tv, its time to flee to Canada

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