Lets See How Many Excuses Can I Make...

7:21 PM

to explain this creature Lance found while emptying out the house during the move!

  1. Radiation (Its so obvious, I'm going to stick by this one).
  2. I haven't been home.  Surely, a "potato" grows like that in only a month and a half, right??
  3. Lance did it.  I don't know what men do when they're all alone, but look what happens when I let him run loose in the house!
  4. It got lonely and was trying to sprout legs and find us!
  5. Since it was found in the back of the snack cabinet (…) it got hungry and went on a snacking rampage.
  6. It missed its appointment at the salon.
  7. Its getting ready for the audition for the open spot on Santa's sled team.
  8. It realized playing on an iPhone doesn't work unless you have fingers.  Angry Birds, anyone?
  9. Its been sippin' on Miracle Gro 'n Juice.
  10. P.O.T.A.T.O. phone home?
  11. Its gathering its compadres to start La Revolución.
  12. Its trying to channel its inner Lady GaGa.

What do you think?

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