Gift Idea: Burlesque Movie/Soundtrack

12:40 AM

I do realize that its months away from the holiday season (which is why I didn't write "Christmas" gift idea), but I was inspired to write about this anyhow tonight!

I saw Burlesque in theaters with my girlfriend Sunshine back in Japan.  It was a somewhat predictable plot, but the burlesque performances in the movie is what makes the cheesy love story tantalizing.  And the soundtrack? I will NEVER tire of it! I think my husband and kids may beg to differ, but I honestly listen to the entire soundtrack at least once a day, no exaggeration.  The songs vary so much: there are powerful ballads by both Cher and Christina Aguilera, catchy show songs, and one of my favorites: a very playful Marilyn Monroe-esque song "I Am A Good Girl."

If you have an amazing woman in your life (and who doesn't?), consider gifting either the movie or soundtrack, or better yet, both!  I promise your friend/sister/mother/neighbor/math tutor will really appreciate the sexy, empowering, and fun that this movie offers :)

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