The Circus!

1:09 AM

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from a few weeks ago! Now that Lance is gone, I'm done visiting family, my massive drive is over, and the kids and I are temporarily "settled," I'm finding a little more time to goof around on the computer.

A few weeks back we went to the circus, which was the first one we've been to in years!  I admit, the theme this year was slightly lame, lol, but what do you expect from a circus?  We had some decent seats, and the kids were absolutely thrilled over the experience.  Below are some of my favorite pics from the show :)

This was pretty hilarious, with the standard "Matrix" battle scene


I loved this act! He had the tiger hop across to the other side of the cage. T-I-Double Guh-Er anyone?

Holy cow these "brothers" are strong! And yes, he's balancing the other guy on his arm below!

Human canon ball

Love this pic, too!

Some weird pogostick-ish routine. This picture ended up being pretty interesting

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