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6:53 AM

I was looking through my iPhoto program for a certain picture, and came across a few random pics that I snapped (mostly on my iPhone over the past two months or so) intending to share either here, to people via texts, on FaceBook, or just because.  Anywho… there are enough "lost" then found pictures to justify a mish-mash photo montage!

A cool Coke can from our flight leaving Japan 

Zeus, taken by one of the kids (probably Lance) with my iPhone's Hipstamatic app

Here's a picture of Alex I took a while ago
(I thought she looked like she embraced Japanese fashion hehe)

And here's that same picture I edited on my iPhone with either the Camera+ or Hipstamatic app… don't recall which.  
I thought this was awesome looking!

An old work schedule (lost mine, so I had to take a picture of a friend's). 
This makes me sad and long to go back!

I'll leave the captioning to you

A roast for sale at the commissary Super Bowl weekend, hehe

A furious "LOOK AT WHAT YOUR SON DID" picture text to Daddy, who was at work

More work nostalgia. 
Pics I took for Lance Sr, who was still out to sea and had never seen me in my scrubs.  
Plus my grill.

Another pic for Lance Sr (or all my Louisiana readers!). A café at the San Francisco airport.

"Blue's Clue," which the kids loved seeing whenever we'd walk to a certain restaurant on base.

My last lunch date with Lance at a yummy Yakiniku place in Japan

And one more pic for the hubby :) Love you babe!!

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  1. I Heart Sailors too, lol, since my hubby was one for a while...

  2. Isn't that shirt awesome? :) I got it at Forever 21… lots of my friends have been asking where to get it (including my mother-in-law!)


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