Happy Easter! And Overdue Updates...

5:37 AM

Happy Easter all! We've been pretty busy, which besides my procrastinating style, is my excuse for lack of updates.  My big "surprise" from a few posts ago was that Big Lance is here to visit! He used up some of his vacation time to come visit us while we are in Virginia, and his two week visit is already almost at a close.  We've been bouncing between being lazy in our hotel room and running around like mad, so here is a photo recap of some of the smaller things we've been up to these past two weeks.

My birthday was last week, and the kids and Lance got me a carrot cake... one of my favorites!  While they clearly got the numbers on the cake wrong (I'm 29.1, FYI), my day was perfect, spent with our family reassembled, which was the best gift I could ever hope for since we've been apart so much lately.

Since its been four years since our last trip to Chuck E. Cheese, that was the number 1 thing on the kids' list of things to do... so we reluctantly obliged.  We all had so much fun, so it was well worth it. My mom came with us, and since she was absorbed with her grandbabies, Lance and I snuck off together and played like kids :)

Lance Jr having way too much fun, and my mom in the background.

Lance playing some pigskin

Flying high.

We saw a hurricane simulator at one of the malls here, so of course the kids had to try :)  Thank goodness it wasn't an earthquake simulator, I've had my fill there!

We went to an amazing pet store here called Animal Jungle, and the highlight of the tour were the ferrets. It didn't help that ferrets are Lance's unfulfilled childhood dream.  I smell trouble for the very near future...

While at the pet store, I saw this newspaper clipping taped to a guinea pig cage. Now I see where the phrase "men are pigs" come from

 The other day we stopped by my mom's while my stepdad was starting up his boat for the first time this year.  We had planned on going out on the boat with him when we were originally coming back for the summer, but since we caught everyone off guard, things didn't go as planned.  The kids had fun anyways helping PopPop cleaning the boat.

And finally, here is a pic of Lance and I in front of the White House.  We stayed in D.C. for four days and had so much fun! We wished that we would have stayed at least a day or two longer, so the next time we make the trip we will definitely plan accordingly.  Lots more D.C. pictures to come, as well as some from the circus, whenever I have more time with the computer.

Lance heads back to Japan on Tuesday for a little over a month, and the kids and I will be driving to our next duty station early! The Japanese evacuation has been lifted, and many family members are headed back as I type this, but we aren't eligible to head back since we are due to transfer in June.  What does that mean?  That means that I will be driving my two well behaved children, as well as my well behaved Miniature Schnauzer and Great Dane from Virginia Beach to the Seattle area!! Holy cow is right!  We will probably be leaving Wednesday or Thursday, depending on how much I can accomplish on my to do list.  Will keep ya posted!

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