March 21st Update

5:28 AM

Life in my house has been fairly uneventful the past couple of days (therefore no juicy update yesterday).  Everyone is still waiting to be called for their turn for boarding the plane, but with our base's sized runway, we can only harbor smaller ones, which means smaller groups of people.  Pregnant women, those with health issues, and very young children are the first ones selected to leave, so we are being patient, living life as ordinarily as we can.

Yesterday Lance got orders for the kids and I, which basically means we have official military paperwork stating that we are undergoing a voluntary evacuation, as well as our per diem rates for travel expenses.  Just another thing to add to my ever growing "super important" accordion file I have to keep with me. 

School was closed Friday and today, but it will reopen tomorrow for those who are still here.  Teachers are not allowed to leave unless it is a mandatory evacuation, and the schools are hoping to instill some normalcy back into kids' lives.  Sounds good to me!

Lance is still home, lucky for us.  He was supposed to leave today, but some higher ups had him trade off with a single guy so he could hopefully be here to help me leave with our big dog (can you tell whoever made this decision has a giant dog as well? hehe).  That worked in our favor, and I'm thankful for such consideration.  I dread the thought of traveling with Zeus, but that is a road that had to be crossed anyhow. Time to suck it up!

My "reality check" for the day is that the military issued Potassium Iodide (KI) to all military personnel as well as dependents.  Let me stress that this is strictly a precautionary measure; I don't want any family members to get worked up over that.  However, if the time comes to where we need to take it, at least we all have it on hand and there will be no chaos rushing out and trying to get it frantically.  

As I understand it, our thyroids absorb iodine naturally through food and vitamin sources.  Once our thyroid reaches its iodine "capacity," it stops absorbing and uses the stores it has.  By taking the KI pills, it will "fill up" our thyroids, therefore preventing our bodies from trying to absorb the radioactive iodine that is present during nuclear disasters.  

Lovely, huh?

Anyways, I've been glued to the computer pretty much nonstop since all of this insanity has started, and my house is definitely reflecting that.  I guess I should quit avoiding my normal responsibilities and get back to it.  

After I check my FaceBook for updates really quick!

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