March 20th Update (ok, not really…)

4:03 AM

So, nothing really to write about, but I feel obligated to have a daily update since I have been pretty faithful about it lately.  Plus I'm dang tired of my life revolving around this crazy mess, so ya. No real update for you today!

Instead, here is a teensy glimpse of what its like at my house currently, lol.  I'm being slightly overprotective and keeping the kids in the house, which they don't really mind because they are playing way more video games than they normally are allowed to!

This afternoon I ended up taking a nap, and I woke up to find this passed out, strung out on the recliner upside down.  What the heck did he do when I was sleeping?? (and yes, he sometimes sleeps with his eyes partially open *shudder*)

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