March 19th Update

5:59 AM

Earthquake/tsunami/radiation issues are still the foremost topic in my life, so forgive the redundancy in my posts.

The voluntary evacuations are still in place, but I suppose getting enough planes here, while keeping Operation Tomodachi the number 1 priority, is a bit of a challenge.  Pretty much all we are doing is the hurry up-and-wait game.

I had a rather funny/not-so-funny moment earlier today I have to share.  The past two days, I've noticed that the earthquakes and aftershocks have seemed to slow down quite considerably, and earlier today a friend of mine on FaceBook made that same observation.  I told her how funny that was and how much I appreciated the break, and other friends of hers said the same.  Wouldn't you know, just three hours after her post, a 6.1 earthquake hit? It was a fairly long one, and I stopped in my tracks, my heart racing frantically, as I waited to see whether I should scream to wake up Lance (who is still trying to catch up on sleep) and to tell the kids to get in the doorway.  As soon as those thoughts crossed my mind, the shaking stopped, and I felt silly for my overreaction.  

Earthquakes used to be a neat novelty, but they are no longer fun in my book.

Other than that, its been a pretty quiet day.  I've been glued to FaceBook the past few days since our base's page is the most current and official information that is being reported.  Sadly, the people who are running the page have been overwhelmed by frantic people, and people posting rumor upon rumor on the page that they had to block comments on the page.  I hope people appreciate the nonstop updates that they've been providing and keeping us informed.  Those people are volunteering their time, sacrificing time from their families and "real" life, all in order to help us out.  There are so many haters out there, and its sad that the small percentage that those haters make up can make such a disproportionate ruckus.  

The kids are doing good, albeit antsy.  They are so excited of the prospect of being on a plane and going to the states and doing something different, so keeping them calm and sane has been my major challenge (all the while keeping them locked indoors!). I keep reminding them that though we are still waiting, at least we are given a few extra days with Daddy, so that really does seem to make a difference in their attitudes, and they are reminded to enjoy what they have.

Thats all the news for now!  Until tomorrow...

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