March 16th Update

6:24 AM

Luckily today's update is not very eventful, but I figured I would post this anyways since many people that I know and care about I am not able to communicate frequently, and this is my way of keeping you informed of how we are doing.

Earthquakes are still happening nearly nonstop.  I downloaded an application for my iPhone (QuakeFeed, for those who are interested), and there are consistent quakes happening around here, roughly about every 20 minutes.  We all expect this, considering a major quake happened and now the earth is exceptionally active, and fortunately most of them are hardly felt or missed.  I did feel one earlier today, but it wasn't that major.

Last night, however, was a different story! I jumped in the shower at 10:30, got myself all wet and was reaching for the shampoo, and then I noticed something wasn't right.  I get vertigo here and again for some crazy reason, so I grabbed onto the rail in the shower, bracing myself for my imbalance.  But that is when I realized that it wasn't my equilibrium, but rather a pretty big quake!

I quickly shut the shower off, grabbed the towel and stood in the doorway drenched and freezing (remember, can't use the heater!), and waited for the shaking to subside.  I had to finish my shower obviously, but I was so paranoid every time I'd close my eyes in the shower, or kept imagining more shaking when I was trying to shave my legs, and that is when I threw in (or on) the towel and just gave up. I was clean, but with only one leg half shaved.  I like to find the humor in life :)

Now, I should be really careful using the words "big" and "quake" in the same sentence after Friday's aftermath, but it was by far the largest one I felt since Friday, and the largest other than Friday's.  It wasn't necessarily that the quake was significantly larger than all of the aftershocks we've been feeling the past few days, but rather, it was extremely close to where we are!  Below is a map a friend of mine found on FaceBook last night.

The "x" is the epicenter, and I marked roughly where we live.  Last night's quake was a 6.2... sort of a big deal when its 43 miles from you!  

Being from the east coast, I really enjoyed the novelty of earthquakes when we first moved here.  Then again, I would be lucky if I thought I felt one maybe every month or two, and they were only noticeable if you were very still, like when we watch tv.  Now that these vibrations are a nonstop reminder of last Friday, the novelty has quickly worn, and serves only as a reminder of how serious they are.  I find myself stopping all the time, checking my paranoia and testing my surroundings to see if it is in fact another earthquake.  Lately, chances are they are.

Hopefully things will start quieting down soon, and all of the relief and recovery efforts being made will start making a dent in the disaster that so many are enduring.  Keep those who are suffering in your thoughts and prayers!

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