Lightening The Mood With Toe Bread

10:41 PM

In an effort to stray time to time from the crisis we are dealing with, here is another silly post for you, highlighting the fact that we are still living our lives as normal as possible.

Are you curious what the heck "normal" and "toe bread" have in common? Ya… nothing is ever quite normal in our family, but I'll bet my remaining yen that your family has a few wacko moments also!

I stopped by the store to pick up a few incidentals earlier, including a loaf of bread.  Lesson for the day: take care of your squishy food right away, especially if you have a super duper jumbo dog!

Case in point!  My poor loaf of bread, which was on the hallway floor still in the grocery bag, waiting to be put away.  Zeus, as crazy as he always is, decided it was the perfect resting spot for his delicate foot, and he destroyed my sandwich staple!!  See the perfect outline of his ginormous foot in my bread??

And the kicker… you can even see the indentation from his toe!  The kids got a kick out of this, and hearing their hysterical laughter over who was going to eat the "peanut butter and toe bread sandwich" definitely released a little bit of this stress I've been bogged down with.

These little moments in life are what matter and are precious to me.

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