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I realize that I have been entirely selfish in my blog updates regarding the disasters that are occurring here in Japan.  Since I tend to write about my family and our everyday dealings in this blog, I decided to keep these updates as a more personal account of what I and my family are going through, especially since we live so far away from home and many family members check this for trivial updates on us (not so trivial anymore, eh?)

The big deal here right now is the nuclear power plant in Fukushima (actually, the plant is the reason for the evacuation. More on that later).  The plant is a little over 250 miles north east of us (if you scroll down to the Earthquake!! post, there is a map with where we are as well as Fukushima).  There have been explosions at the plant, seeping radioactive material into the air.  A few days ago, people in my area were advised to avoid unnecessary outdoor exposure due to the radiation in the air, but the levels dropped to nearly immeasurable amounts within a few short hours, so we have been fortunate there.  I still do not let the kids play outside since we have not had a good rain, and it is said that the ground is still "dirty" (I do not understand all of this, but I'd rather just play it safe inside for now).

At work, I saw some news coverage that did a pretty good job explaining all of the nuclear/radiation craziness, and I tried looking it up on YouTube when I finally had time to sit and relax with Lance.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, but I did see a few other videos that does a pretty good job explaining the situation, in case you are slightly in the dark like I have been.

This first video is FAST PACED, lol, but he does a great job educating you on the whole nuclear process and what the problem entails.

This video talks about the nuclear reactor and the cooling process, as well as why there have been failures.

And finally, I have to put this one up just to lighten the mood a little bit.  A friend of mine on FaceBook shared this link, and while the situation is far from funny, this video explains the power plant problem in a very basic and understandable way :)

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