Footage Of Earthquake, And What You Can Do To Help

6:43 PM

There is a video of the earthquake that is becoming viral in my little community, and its finally been uploaded to YouTube so I can share it with you.  This was shot at an Army base about 15-20 minutes away that I go to all the time, and its surreal to be able to connect something so terrifying to something tangible that I understand.  Fortunately for us, this is about as severe damage as any place close to me suffered.

Unfortunately, just as there is in any major disaster or event, there are others who really are suffering and who need assistance.  Our community is putting together relief efforts as well as collections for food and clothing, and I intend to do my part to help others out in need.  If you would like to support the earthquake relief efforts, please donate to the Red Cross, no matter how big or small you are able to contribute.  If you are more comfortable allocating your donation to something more personal or closer to home, use this time to be reminded that there are people everyday locally and around the world in need of assistance, and the Red Cross can still use your help.

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