Fuji Safari Park

11:27 PM

Last weekend, we took the kids to Fuji Safari Park with another family.  It is a drive-through "safari" on Mt. Fuji where you can see the lions, tigers, bears, and more right on the other side of your window! The last time we went was during the summer so most of the animals were relaxing in the shade hiding from the hot, humid air, but this time we got to see quite a bit more! Hope you enjoy my little photo journal of our day :)

Our view of Mt. Fuji on the way

In case you were tempted to get out of the car, don't...

You can choose to ride in one of their viewing vehicles... 

and get personal with the animals!! You can feed the various animals meat through the little windows, and needless to say, this bear definitely knows what comes out of this van!

 I thought this was cool - the little waterfall was frozen over

An elephant, with Mt. Fuji in the background

The giraffes know where to find food, too

'Sup, duuuude?

This guy was seriously mac'n! Look at all the ladies with him!

 Holy how's-it-hangin', Batman!

You're not allowed to go inside the hippo, either

I think this animal is called a dik-dik?  I've never seen this weird thing before!

The kiddos on the obligatory pony ride

Doesn't he look like Jackie Chan?? Lol

And finally... Lance feeding a kangaroo, and a video of us doing it as well.  Please forgive the über-annoying song in the video... one of the things you have to adjust to when living in Japan!

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