Yokohama Sumo Tournament

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A month ago, the kiddies and I went to our very first sumo wrestling tournament held in Yokohama!  It was so interesting to watch, and I was in awe that I was witnessing something so culturally significant and something so distinctly "Japanese."  There were several matches throughout the event, and I was surprised at how short each one lasted - maybe 20 seconds or so, if that.  Our favorite part of the day, by far, was when the kids were wrestling the hot shot wrestlers!  I hope you enjoy the pics I selected to share with you!

On the tour bus, suited up with iPods and DSs

Holy smokes, he's cute!

And those eyes! I know I'm biased, but I think I have some damn good lookin' kids!

This guy was playing the drums for the people waiting to enter.

Does this mawashi make me look fat?

Alex, Lance Jr, and I with the rikishi (sumo wrestler)

He looks like he's thinking "Get these psychos away from me..."

This is before the tournament, where all the wrestlers were warming up and practicing.


And slapping

This guy was my favorite! Look how buff he is!  He kicked butt, too :)


The tournament just began, and first up are the little fellas!

Trying to push him out of the ring

So close!

Oh no! He's cheating!

Next batch of kids

No fair! He's cheating, too!

Can they do it??

Talk about head butting!

They got him!!

The announcer between matches

Doing their ritual before they start

They are doing some ceremony during the intermission, wearing their dress robes

A demonstration on how they do their hair

The crowd made a big fuss when this guy showed up.  He is Hakuho, the newest Yokozuna (big daddy title holder for sumo wrestling).  According to our magazine we got there, he weighs in at 154kg (339.5 lbs).  He did demonstrations, such as how his crew tied that rope thing to him.

Time for the baby rikishis!  Looks like this guy isn't too familiar with critters that little

And we have a winner!  

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