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This is Alex's first year playing volleyball, and she absolutely loves it!  In years past, she has been so busy with dance that we haven't really been putting her in any team sports, but since her fantastic dance teacher moved away (and thus the classes), we decided to try something new while we had the chance.

 These pictures are from Alex's first game, which was against a neighboring base.  Her team is called the Atsugi Hornets (in honor of the Super Hornets our little Navy base supports. Notice the team colors?).  Doesn't she look nervous?

Getting READY!

Alex's serve has improved immensely since the beginning of the season.  Look at that intense concentration.

She looks like she's serving in the name of SPARTA!

One important thing the coaches have been stressing to the girls is to make sure the girls call the ball to prevent mishaps like the one above...

Another uncalled ball... (but neat poses though!)


Its mine!!

Or not...

Hi mom

And she claims the ball! Volley, and score! She's got a lot to learn since she's new, but she's picked up quite a bit already and loves it!

And this is what happens if you give your 7 year old your iPhone when he's bored "watching" the game...

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