And So The Countdown Begins!

4:56 AM

Only 24 more days 'til Christmas! At least those were the first words SCREAMED at me by my über-excited son at 5:15 a.m. this morning.  If there is anything that boy loves more than his mama and video games, its counting down the days until something special.

Hey, we all have to have a hobby, right?

Well, like many other families around our little planet, we have a tradition of having an Advent calendar filled with chocolates, slowly telling the beautiful and miraculous story of the birth of Christ.  Last year I added to that tradition by adding a more secular version of this pastime - the super duper awesome Lego Advent Calendar!!

(This looks more like a KitchenAid commercial rather than a blog post over a toy...)

You can see the days if you look closely.

Speaking of "days," to keep the kiddos from clawing each other's eyes out over who gets to do what, I have implemented a "special day" system a while back that works wonders!  Alex was born on an odd day (5th), so she always gets the special treatment (sitting up front, picking out the movie, whatever) on odd days.  Lance is an even baby (20th)... do I really need to finish this explanation?

  Alex gets to open the very first calendar day.

What is it????

A snowman!

She literally nearly dropped pieces down that gap about seven times.

Ta-da!! So cute! Kawaii!

Ugly Donkey seems to really like Mr. Snowman!

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