Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

I haven't shared a recipe in eons, so its time to share one with you! I've been terrible about taking food pictures lately, so the one above is the only one I happened to snap with my iPhone (I had to brag to my friends on Facebook what lovin' was going in the oven that night! I couldn't be a bigger dork if you paid me to try...)

Anyhow, Lance was on the verge of deploying. Again. A few days before Thanksgiving, no less, so we decided to have an early Thanksgiving while he was still home.  For years now I have been making a pumpkin cheesecake for feasting day rather than your traditional pumpkin pie, but this year I decided to try something new.  A culinary muse called to me and told me to make a pecan pie cheesecake, but since that muse didn't tell me how to make it, I borrowed one from a site that I frequent.

This cheesecake was phenomenal!  It definitely gave me the festive feel with the rich pecan layer, and you can never go wrong with a cheesecake layer, hehe!  I gave half the cake to my neighbor (who shared an extra pumpkin pie with me for their early Thanksgiving), and they loved it too!  It is going to be an extremely hard tossup deciding whether to go back to pumpkin or not for next year, but I think I'm partial to this one!

A must try!

Pecan Pie Cheesecake

¾  cups vanilla wafer crumbs
¼ cup firmly packed brown sugar
 cup butter, melted
Pecan Filling:
1 cup sugar
 cup dark corn syrup
 cup butter, melted
2 eggs
1 ½ cups chopped pecans
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Cheesecake Filling:
3 (8-ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
1 ¼ cups firmly packed brown sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
4 eggs
 cup heavy whipping cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 350°. Combine wafer crumbs and brown sugar. Stir in melted butter. Press into bottom and up sides of a 9″ springform pan. Bake for 6 minutes. Set aside to cool.

Pecan Filling:

Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat. Reduce heat and simmer until thickened, about 8-10 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour into crust and set aside.

Cheesecake Filling:

Reduce oven to 325°. With a hand mixer or stand mixer, beat cream cheese at medium speed until creamy. Add brown sugar and flour and beat until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each one. Stir in cream and vanilla. Pour over pecan filling. Bake for 1 hour. Turn off oven and leave cheesecake in oven with the door closed for 1 hour. Remove from oven and run a knife along the outside edges to loosen cheesecake from sides of pan. Let cool. Chill for at least 4 hours before serving.

**Note: I always end up having a mushy crust whenever I try to do a water bath for my cheesecakes - I guess I just don't wrap the pan well enough in foil. This time I had a Pyrex dish filled with very hot water on the bottom rack while the cheesecake baked on the top rack, and I did not have a single crack!



Looks great! I am going to try this one. I love pecan pie, but it is sometimes just too sweet for me, so this looks perfect for me and my family. Thanks for sharing!

We had pumpkin pecan cheese cake last weekend and were wondering how they made it, I'm so excited to know It's not as hard as I thought it was, thanks for the recipe!


Made this tonight! Cannot wait to try it tomorrow!


Yay, hope it turned out great! We love it :)


It did turn out amazing. Sent most of it with my husband to take on his ship and share. They have been asking for another one. Sooo, I will be making another one tomorrow for them. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. It is amazing!!!


There are several people on Pinterest who are using your picture and are linking it to crap websites. I don't know if you can do anything about it but I thought you should know.


Thank you for sharing! I don't know what I can do about that, but I sure will look into that! I really appreciate it :)


can you freeze this cheesecake

megan k

Question on the pecan filling... I am so used to adding the eggs to the sugar mixture once it's off the heat... This one I boil all the ingredients including the eggs?


Yes, you do, Megan. I have one in the oven now. You mix all pecan mix ingredients and very carefully cook as directed.

megan k

Thank you, Amy!! I'm starting mine now!

megan k

This cheesecake is awesome. Was my first cheesecake I ever made & everyone loved it! I did the water in the pan below the cake & it turned out perfectly! One thing that I didn't do was dust my pan & I should have. All that sugar stuck & I didn't release as perfectly. ;) Everyone make this!


I'm glad you liked it! Its definitely a favorite here, just REALLY rich! Perfect for the holidays, though! :)


This looks awesome! There goes any hope of a diet.

Drew Danielle

This looks absolutely amazing! Following you now :)


Looks so yummy!


Thanks, it is pretty awesome!


Do you remove it from the pan before you chill it?


No, I always let it chill in the pan - it needs time to cool and set before I remove the pan.


Thanks for sharing ...found this on pinterest....sounds delicious!


Can I use graham crackers for the crust?


If you prefer a graham cracker crust - go for it!


I'm going to have to try this -- as soon as I get my hands on some pecans. Not so easy to find here (we live in South America) but the health food store where I've found them in the past said they should get some when they're in season.

Ann @ The Scrapbooking Housewife

This looks so yummy, I will definitely have to make this!! :)


I made this and followed the recipe to a T and the outer edge of my cheesecake is very hard and caramelized where the pecan pie part is. How do I avoid that next time? It's tough to cut through. I've kept it in the refridgerator this whole time.


About the pan of water in the I just fill a Pyrex with tap water, put in oven and let that water get HOT before putting cheesecake in? Also, I have only made one cheesecake in my life and it tasted eggy and I didn't like it, does this one taste that way at all? Thanks for the help and insight!


Hi there, all the way from South Africa! I just wanted to know what sort of wafer crumbs do u use? Is it the ones with the vanilla cream in the centre? As those are the only ones we have here? If not could I substitute it for something else?


thank you so much for this recipe. I love pecan pie cheese cake. I found this on pinterest as well. Can't wait to make this. Than you again.


just found this on Pinterest. will probably make this using a pie dough crust like the Lindy’s cheesecake. but boy is my mouth watering just reading this! :-)

Sarah E.

I made this for the Cheesecake themed Crazy Cooking Challenge:

Best cheesecake ever! Thank you for sharing it (:

Andrea Watson

Im goint to try this this weekend!


So glad many of you are enjoying this! Its starting to feel like fall in the evenings up in my neck of the woods, and its making me think of yummy fall baking, including this! MMM!


I made this for my husband this weekend. He and kids loved it. Me too :) I followed directions exactly and was super pleased with taste, texture and timing. Thx for sharing! We have agreed we'll share with the extended family at Thanksgiving this year. Thx again- Carlie


Will definitely be making this one soon! Cheesecakes are a fav in our house. Thanks for sharing your recipe!


I made this yesterday and left it in the fridge overnight before taking it out of the springform pan. Really I just forgot to. It cracked big time after taking it out of the oven. I was bummed. When I took it out of the spring form pan, the very outside of the pecan filling was hard. I started having second thoughts about serving this to my guest and decided to try it first. I topped it with a whipped cream/sour cream, brown sugar topping to cover the cracks first. I cut into it and took a bite.

AMAZING. I mean it. It is the most delicious cheesecake I have ever made even with the hard outside. Any insight into why the outside was hard would be greatly appreciated though.


The only thing I can imagine as far as a hard crust goes is that the pecan pie filling must have caramelized along the edge of the crust. I didn't have that issue and I'm not sure of how to rectify it either - I'm sorry that that happened! But I'm glad you enjoyed it otherwise, we loved it!


WOW - talk about showin' up late for the fair! I'm so glad I saw this posted over on Pinterest. It gave me a great recipe and introduced me to a terrific blog! To quote Ahhhhnold - "I'll be back!"


Thanks Katz! Glad you enjoyed my teeny piece of the web :D


It doesn't make the crust soggy when you put the pecan filling in and set it to the side does it? I don't want it to not get crunchy!!

Nichole Warr

I like the sound of a pecan pie cheesecake but have never made cheesecake before. Could I do it with the no-bake cheesecake?


If I make this on a Friday for the Sunday will it be good?


Pecan pie is my fav & this is definitely going to be on the top of my list for trying soon.

TY for sharing ~


This is the first time to make a cheesecake. Do you go up the entire side with the crumb crust or just midway? I ask because the pic on the most looks like there is no crust on the pecan and cheesecake layers?? Help! I am never successful at making pecan pies so I am taking this approach.

Heather in IN

K. Spencer-Lachut

Thank you for your recipe.

Sheena Neves

I am about to make this tomorrow for our Thanksgiving dinner and I am excited but nervous because its my first cheesecake!! I only have golden syrup and I hope that it will taste good since we don't have the dark corn syrup available to us here!! Thank you for this amazing recipe!!

Corey and Vicki

I want to make this next month for Thanksgiving, how does the crust turn out? Is it overly sweet with the brown sugar? And we love (and I do mean love) cheesecakes in our house, so my other question is what is the consistansy (sp?) of the cheesecake is it more creamy texture or a thicker texture!
But it sounds way to yummy to not try at least once!

Mama T

I make several cheesecakes a year for my large family, 5 Kids, 5 grandkids. They all have a favorite from New York style to Pumpkin or Turtle. I have a feeling this one will be added to the list.


I was just talking to my sister about what kind of cheesecake I should make for our family's annual chicken stew this weekend... soooo glad I found this on Pinterest!!! Can't wait to try it! I'm sure I'll be adding it to my constantly growing book of cheesecake recipes!!

Tina Arrington

I've got this in the oven as we speak! Do you mind if I post a link on my blog to get this recipe from you?

Cherie Ely

can you substitute anything for the dark corn syrup?


I've had success using Taste of Home's substitutes --
For a cup of dark corn syrup, add 1/4 cup water to one cup of firmly packed brown sugar. (For light corn syrup, use regular sugar)
Oh, and instead of trying to do the math to actually make 2/3 cup of dark corn syrup, I'd make the full cup and use 2/3 of it!!


Is a springform absolutely necessary? Can you cut it out of a regular pan?
How did you prepare the pan before hand? Anything?

Did anybody try adding spices? I was thinking about pumpkin pie spice in the cheesecake. Would that work?

I read on another site that they used Pecan Sandies crumbled for their crust. That sounded amazing, but I'm not sure if they would hold up as well. I've never done a crumb crust before.


I was wondering the same thing kala-way was wondering - are springform pans needed? All I have are regular cake pans.

I was also worried because, like a few others, this is also my first cheesecake and I don't want it to turn out horrible... esp since my plan is to take it to my annual holiday family reunion... I don't want the crust to mushy nor do I want it to crack... :(

How do I do the water thing? I don't understand the water bath or anything.. like I said, it's my first time doing a cheesecake and I don't want it to go wrong (I've been doing my desserts in my slow cooker ha ha)

Any advice would be wonderful!! Thanks in advance!!

- Cristin

Lisa Jones

Heidi, this sounds great, but I'm Australian and we don't use 'dark corn syrup'. Is it something like honey, or treacle, or golden syrup? If so I'll try golden syrup!


Kala and Cristin - I've always used a spring form pan for cheesecakes just because it holds in the the liquid-like cheesecake. If you've had success making cheesecakes other ways, I don't see why this one wouldn't be different!

As far as water baths go, you can YouTube exactly what it is - here is a video I just watched about it!

It makes a HUGE difference in how the surface of the cheesecake turns out - I hardly ever get cracks :)

Cassidy Drag

If you don't want your cheesecake to crack on the top raise the temp about 5 degrees before putting it in the oven...bake for about 3mins on high heat and then lower the heat to the temp called for :)

Kim Harris

Can someone please tell me if light, or dark brown sgar is used in this recipe?

Kim Harris
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So I just want to make sure I am reading the instructions correctly. It will be in the oven for a total of 2 hours. 1 with the oven on and 1 with the oven off correct? Thanks

Mandy M K

Thank you so much for posting! Last year I got into making cheese cakes and found that many people wanted to buy them from me, hope you don't mind me selling a few??? Oh, and I find that people(older folk) will pay more for a cracked cheese cake, so if yours does crack, don't be ashamed, it just means its good!

Diane Jantz

I think I will make this for thanksgiving this year!! Looks so yummy!! I went to follow you on pinterest and saw you live on the same island I use to live on and just took my husband and kids there to see it...thanks for a recipe that looks yummy!!,


In the oven now. Can't wait to eat some later. And yes, I will stay up late just so I can eat this thing. So excited!


Want to make this for Thanksgiving on Thursday. How far in advance do you think it's safe to make it? Think I can make it Monday and refrigerate until Thursday?


I made this, and it was amazing. Thank you for the recipe!

Jed and Amanda

Thanks for the recipe! I am going to try this :)


I'm making this tonight and I'm taking it home with me to my parents tomorrow. I am so excited, I've been looking forward to cheesecake baking night! Hope it turns out!!!


Im so excited to make this however, Im going to make a pumpkin cheesecake instead of reg cheesecake. Thanks for the idea!

Melissa Martin

saw this on Pinterest and I am making for Thanksgiving! It combines two of my favorite pies! Thanks for posting!!

Caitlin Boyle

This was so so good! I made it for my mom's surprise 60th birthday, and everyone loved it. The only thing I'm questioning is if I cooked the caramel too much. It was pretty tough to cut through and break apart with fork. Maybe I'll let that part simmer a little less. Thanks for this recipe!

myava phillips

Ohh my I had a huge crack.I cooked with a pan of water. What could have happened?

myava phillips

I solo wanted it to be perfect!!!!!!!

Kerry M.

Baking this right now, except I am using my pumpkin cheesecake recipe instead of regular. Looks and smells amazing!


I found this post via pinterest. This cheesecake is in my oven as I type :D Can't wait to try it tomorrow for Thanksgiving.


I'm glad so many of you are trying and loving this cheesecake! Sorry for such a late response - I've been MIA in the blogging world lately!


In the oven! Thanks for the recipe! I hope it comes out ok.


so i just made this earlier today and i just checked it out, i didnt do the water bath so the top of the cheesecake was a little brown but not horrible, no cracks thou :). the pecan pie and crust are really good, however my cheesecake was mushy. ive never had a cheesecake be mushy. any thoughts on why it happened? maybe elevation, im in montana so sometimes that affects certain baking things.


I am waiting for the hour of cooking time to be done so I can turn the oven off. This is my first attempt at pecan pie filling and cheese cake. I really hope I did it all right. I'm taking it to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'm pretty excited to try it. I bet caramel drizzled over the top would top it off. Thanks for the recipe.


Erin - I have that issues sometimes too - I'm by no means a cheesecake expert! I've come to learn how my cheesecake should "look" on top and sometimes will leave it in the oven a bit longer than the recipe calls for. Unfortunately, cheesecakes can be a bit tricky without being able to use the classic "toothpick test!"

RLB - Hope you enjoy! Let me know how the caramel turns out, its very rich to begin with!

Diane Cole

I made this for the first time and served it today for Thanksgiving, I had to come back to tell you THANK YOU for posting. This is AMAZING. My entire family agreed that I will be making this for every holiday.

Thank you again!

Sarah Kaye

I made this yesterday and it was delicious! However, I'm having the same hard pecan pie problem as several others. I want to make this tomorrow too for another party (thanksgiving is ongoing in my world:) and I need to find a solution without messing up the entire pie. I'm thinking I may cut out the boiling it on the stove. I'm convinced this may be the problem. Heidi, is there a particular reason you boil it & then simmer, or is it preference? I'll update back soon with a hopeful solution!


Soooooooooooo good! It was definitely a hit and I will be making it again for Christmas. I did have to make it twice since water got in the pan the first try (I missed your tip on water baths). The 2nd time I did it the way you mentioned with the pan of water on the rack below. So worth another trip to the store...came out great! Thanks!

Wendy J

I made this yesterday and everyone loved it. I think the cause to other peoples problems about the pecan pie filling part seeping out and causing the crust to get hard may be that they are making the crust too thin. I made my a bit thicker and had no problems.


This looks awesome! I can't wait to try this recipe...


I made this for Thanksgiving and everyone loved it, including me! Thanks!

Erin Maerk

Did anyone else have issues with it leaking from the pan? I am baking one now and its leaking.

Stephanie Hornby

The cheesecake came out wonderful and we had no issues when it was baking.

Deborah Dowd

I made this for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit! My son and husband both have requested it instead of birthday cake!


How far ahead can this be made? I will have a house full for a week and lots of cooking going on. Anything I can do ahead would help.

Katie Glover

I'm going to make this for christmas dinner dessert. I have hi hopes based on all the wonderful comments. I think I might make a chocolate ganache to poor over the top when serving. Thanks for the recipe!

tess chandler

i have a question....can i use just the egg whites and the cheesecake taste just as good? if not any suggestions?

Amanda Wedding

My mom made this for our Christmas get together and it was so good! No leftovers at our house!

Maureen Page

I made this for Thanksgiving and today for Christmas and it is delicious! We are chocolate crazy people so we used an oreo cookie crust and sprinkled mini chocolate chips in the cheesecake. All I can say is YUM!

Bethany Roy

This has become an annual holiday tradition for our family. Thanks for posting!


I'm just now putting mine in the oven, and all of my sneak- tastes have me expecting something terrific!
I had left over cheesecake filling, and I'm wondering what I did wrong? I filled it to the rim of the pan, and I still have approx. 1-1/2 cups of filling left over. ????


Disregard previous concern with leftover filling! I've discovered that my springform pan is 8", not the required 9"!!! Geez! Lol

Alicia Brab

I made this for christmas and it's now a favorite! My only suggestion if you want a creamier filling is to add a few tablespoons of sour cream. I also add a vanilla bean to the cookies for the crust and it's AMAZING :). Everyone that's had it says it's the best they've ever had.

Holly Nilsson

Your content has been stolen by this page (who also stole my content).

When I asked them to remove my content, they banned me from their page. You can report them to Facebook (who removed my content for me).

Southern Lady

I made this and brought it to church. I called it Southern Happiness! If you are from the South your two favorites are Cheesecake and Pecan Pie. To combine them in one--WOW. Loved it, thanks so much for the wonderful recipe.


Why no picture of the finished product?


Hey! That recipe was to die for! So yummy, and easy! I linked to this recipe in a blog post today, so I just wanted to thank you for posting it!



I can't wait to try this! It looks so yummy and is two of my favorite! I also have a son named Lance and he is in the military too. He has been deployed 5 long times! lol Their deployments last for a year or longer. I hate it and his family hates it, but he is a military man! lol I just thought it was funny as there isn't to many "Lance's" out there and then to have another military person, well it was cool to know.

Jessica Ford
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Jessica Ford

I just put mine in the oven and my husband is so excited! He has a major sweet tooth and a weakness for cheese cake. I am thinking this will be a homerun for me!

I get anal when people can’t cut a round cake incorrectly and make a big mess of my creations so I have learned to make my deserts in 9X13s. In the past they have always turned out just as good, so I am trying it again. I am hoping the pecan part turns out just as good as yours. Hopefully this is ready by dinner time tonight because we are so excited to try it and my dad and brother are coming over!
I like to make cheesecakes but I am far from a pro but I have made a few and have found out 3 important things… #1 it is very important your cream cheese be at room temperature. I have even left mine out over night to make sure they are a good temp. #2 DO NOT OVERBEAT you cream cheese mixture. Overbeating can lead to cracks. #3 don’t open the oven while the cheese cake is cooking, AT ALL!

Just thought I would pass along my 2 cents and experience too.  Thanks Heidi I can’t wait to serve this it looks like heaven!

Thank you, your husband and your family for all that y’all do every day!

Lindsi O'Brikis

I make my dad a Pecan Pie for his birthday EVERY year, and have since I was little. This year he mentioned my making him a pecan pie cheesecake. I can't wait to try this recipe and see how he likes it!!!


I am looking for the answer about how far ahead this can be made. I'm making something for a wedding on Saturday and would like to make this on Friday. Would that be ok? Also, one thing an excellent baker has told me is that it's crucial to not open the oven for the first 30 minutes if you want to avoid cracks.


I keep posting a question but don't see it here so if all of a sudden there are like ten questions from me I apologize. I'm just wondering if I can use light corn syrup. My Mama makes the most incredible pecan pies and I'm afraid my family won't like it as much if its different from what we're used to.

Jenna Norman

Has anyone used a store bought graham cracker crust for this recipe? Wondering if everything will fit inside it!


megan k

I commented and sited this site for them ;)

Alona K

Can this be made without the crust? the pecan filling on the bottom and just cheesecake on top?

Mitzi Solomon

Can Anyone tell me why my crust looks too wet and gooey? I cant press it into place and after it baked it still looks wet and glazed... I used the right amount of butter but it wasn't the Stick Butter... Help Please!?!?!

Kerri Summey

Made this last Thanksgiving, and it was a huge hit. And at Christmas :)

Leigh Unger

@Mitzi you didn't use stick butter? What kind of butter did you use? Some things you buy off the grocery shelf aren't really butter, but rather made with oils. When you say your crust looks wet and gooey that is usually a sign of their being too much butter when you made the crust. It should be just wet enough to hold the crumb together. In the end it won't really make much difference. If your using a springform pan they leak ever so slightly and the excess oils will drip out. If you have way excess you could blot with a paper towel. If you didn't your crust won't be hard but may end up a bit gooey after it is baked. Which won't effect the overall quality. So, don't fret too much.

I personally always use an unsalted stick butter. It is easier to measure IMO, and is just what I am used to.

@ alona if you are using a spring form pan you may have some leakage, but I am making it right now and I think with the biggest issue would be getting it off the bottom of the pan.

@ jenna you will need to scale the recipe down quite a bit. Also it really isn't that hard to make the crust if that is your issue, or is it the proper bake ware? IMO it wouldn't be the same, but technically it should work.

@misty light corn syrup will work just fine and you can subsitute it 1:1 with the dark.

@ Patricia I would say you could make it up to 3-4 days ahead easy. I would either eat or freeze it before 7 days though.

Hope this turns out well for those of you making for your Turkey feast ;)


@Jenna, I bought store bought crust as well. About to attempt my first cheesecake/pecan pie ever. I purchased 5 (they were on sale) in case it overflows.


I made this for our Thanksgiving meal - my annual experimental offering. It was a big hit. Everyone called it "a keeper" except my dad. My dad said not to keep it or he would have to buy stretchy pants for next year. lol. THANK YOU for taking the time to share with the world!


Oh, I would add that I probably cooked the pecan filling just a minute or two too long as it got too sticky when refrigerated. Only cook it as long as the recipe says! Or set it back out for an hour before serving.


I realize this post is a few years old now, but I just came across it, and I made it for an anniversary treat for my husband! And let me just tell you, we didn't have words to describe how delicious this is! We had so much left over, I had him take it to work (he is in the Army), and news has been spreading like wildfire and suddenly all the soldiers want this cheesecake! THANK YOU so much for sharing this amazing recipe!!!


My sister does a very similar pie layering the cheesecake with pumpkin pie (you mentioned that you do a pumpkin cheesecake, but I was unsure if you meant separate layers as with the pecan here) Either would rock!

Cindy Salisbury

Heidi - I noticed your comment about having a mushy crust when you bake with the water bath. I've been using the Perfect Cheesecake system for years and have never had a bad cheesecake since using it. Thought I'd share with you! Give it a try and you'll be impressed with how easy it really is!

Your cheesecake sounds delicious and I'm going to try it! Thanks for sharing!

Cindy Albarran

Why does it need to be baked in a water bath? Does it really have to be done like that? It's my first time doing cheese cakes and did mine with a water bath well water got in and my crust is sooo smoshy!!!

Irina M

Your delicious pecan pie cheesecake recipe has been chosen as one of the best 50 Thanksgiving pecan pie recipes on the net:

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Al's CL Reviews

I made this for Thanksgiving. Your directions were awesome. My husband used to work for Cheesecake Factory and when it came out of the oven, he said it was professional looking.

The taste... anyone who is reading this...just go ahead and make it...NOW!
OMG! It was delicious!

I put it on my blog (that about 6 people read), giving you all the credit.
If it is a problem, post on my blog and I'll fix.


Can you use honey instead of corn syrup?

Tamila B

Just made this for Thanksgiving and it was super delicious! However, it was impossible to cut - the pecan layer was very sticky and just stuck to the knife, it was a mess (( Any tips on how to prevent this from happening?

Kathy Powell

I have to tell about the mistake I made when making this recipe. When I bought the ingredients I evidently grabbed Karo pancake syrup instead of the dark corn syrup that the recipe calls for. I did not discover this until I was making it for the third time, you'd thinkI would have noticed. Anyway, the next time I made it I did it with the dark corn syrup and it just didn't taste the same. So give it a try and see if you like it that way too, it really is good.

crystal carlton

I have made this several times now and my family absolutely loves it. I have noticed however that the pecan layer seems to separate from the cheesecake layer. Any tips on how to stop that from happening?

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