Dumbledore Died!!

6:52 AM

Alex's desk at school on parent orientation day.
They can bring a book from home for down time.
And yes, they are back in public school for now :)

Wow, so I realize that is a major spoiler, but I'm assuming most of the free world already knows this vital fact by now!  If not, a thousand apologies!

Anywho, the kids' bedtime is at 8:30 each night.  I give them the option for lights out right away or to read in bed for an hour.  Lance generally takes the slacker's way out and chooses to go straight to sleep (though I'm working on instilling a love of reading in him), but Alex is actually negotiating for more reading time at night!  She's always been my little book worm. :)

Tonight I allowed her to stay up a wee bit past 9:30 "lights out" since she had only a chapter and a half left of book 6 of Harry Potter.  Knowing how intense the ending is, I let her finish it instead of leaving her hanging wondering how exactly the book finishes.  And wouldn't you know it...she's going to start book 7 tomorrow!  The Deathly Hallows.  The summation of all things Harry Potter.  And seven more books than I've ever read of Harry Potter.

Yes, I admit that I still haven't gotten past the first book.  Nothing against the story or the writing...its just one of those unfortunate things that always ends up on the back burner time and time again no matter how many times I try to get around to it. Much like my laundry.  Or my photo-organizing project.  Or Alex's baby blanket (yes, her baby blanket).  I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed that my nine year old daughter is about to beat me to the Hogwart's finish line.  I think cheering her on sounds much more fun than self-misery.  :)

Her next series, she's decided, will be the Chronicles of Narnia.  I'm asking her to take a short hiatus from series books and read a handful of other novels first (she picks a few, I pick out a few).  I have a few in mind sitting on our bookshelf I'm going to suggest, but do you have any childhood favorites?  Do share!

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