Happy Birthday Lance Jr!

3:10 AM

Seven years ago, God blessed me with this little fella!

Wow, have I fallen behind or what? On the 20th was Lance Jr's seventh birthday, so happy e-belated birthday :)  We were tossing around ideas of what we were going to do for his birthday, and he decided he wanted a low-key birthday hanging out at the nearby arcade.  Here are a few pics of the kiddos at the arcade (pretending desperately that they were in a Chuck E. Cheese, hehe)

Lance playing Whack-A-Gator, or whatever

This game he got to throw ball pit balls at the screen at the creepy anime guys.  
P.S.  Lance, you are a lefty. You will continue throwing like a girl if you continue to ignore the fact that you are a lefty. That is all.

Here they are playing in a pretty big ball pit area.  They don't have them anywhere in the States anymore, do they?  Well, the Japanese are all about sanitation, so they were wiped down before and after playing here :)  In this pic, the kids are "racing" with their steeds - Alex's a tiger, and Lance riding Stitch.

Riding el tigre together.

Alex had SOOO much fun here! This has got to be my favorite picture of her of all time!  Her tiger was blindfolded, hehe!

Lance insisted that he decorate his cake with candles all by himself (so NO, the candles are NOT backwards, Sunshine :P )  I asked Lance what kind of cake he wanted, and he said it was up to me!!  Imagine that! I gave him a list of cakes I've been wanting to try, and he decided on a S'mores cake! Recipe to follow :)

He's having troubles keeping the candles blown out (see the sparks? hehe)

Lance's highlight gift of his birthday - an Ipod from his deployed daddy! He also got a dancing Bumble Bee speaker to go with it, and now he is the happiest, rockin'-est seven year old with no teeth!

Happy Birthday, my love!

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