A Day In The Life Of Alex's Camera

5:27 AM

Yesterday the kids and I went on a tour with some friends of ours (I'll post about that after I sort through those pictures).  When we were getting ready for the trip, though, I finally took both kids' cameras and imported their pictures for the first time.  Boy, was there a variety of stuff on there!  As many random, crazy, blurry, nonsense pictures are on there, I won't delete any of them, but instead keep them so when they are older, they can cherish what moments they believed was worthy of capturing for a lifetime.

So here are a few of my favorites of Alex's (with her permission to share with you all). I hope you enjoy this montage of photos as much as I did!

Lance with a Starbucks stirrer where it belongs

My beautiful princess

The kids' FAVORITE thing to do with their cameras...take "butt" pictures with their bent legs or arms

A camera duel with Lance

Alex occasionally likes to create scenes with her camera.  Here (in the appropriate Sepia tone) is her recreation of a battle between dinosaurs, with the requisite rock from Mt. Fuji, my candle holder, dirty laundry, and plastic Easter eggs.  Looks authentic to me!

Here is another one of her creations.  She's at the beach, obviously.  See the water and the sea shells? And you have to love the giant white sand dune in the back.  I have no idea what the purple ball is supposed to be...a mutated octopus perhaps?

A lovely picture of my shower curtain

Her brother's shoes. I actually really like this picture!


This one is one of my favorites - very Blair-Witch-Project, isn't it?  She just needs a bit of snot oozing out.

And finally, her "bling toes," complete with her grandmother's collection of rings.  If only we could all be that glam all the time!

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