Summertime Swim

3:33 AM

Its every kid's favorite time of year!!  This is the kiddos' third year in swim lessons, and the first session already flew by!  Where we are, the entire summer is filled with 2-week blocks of swim lessons, and I'm always sure to put them in every session so I can be sure I make myself take them to the pool nearly every day.  I need that motivation often.  

This year, both kids started off in Level 3.  Alex was disappointed because last summer she finished off at Level 4, but I told her it has been an entire year since she swam, so she just needs to build up her strength again.  Today was the last day of the first session, and Alex moved up to Level 4, and Lance will be in Level 3 again (where he will likely remain all summer, but thats quite fine with me).  And to end off a fun session - a swim party! The kids got free reign over the diving board, had contests, and ended with a potluck of junk food and snacks.  What a tough life they lead!

Lance waiting in line for the diving board.  Look at that hair!

Lance doing some Mission Impossible moves.

And now some Spider-Man moves. Or a crazed monkey. Whatever.

Alex is a little more refined with her jumping.  Here is her "crazy" jump :)

I keep telling her she looks like a fly with those goggles.

Our lessons this session were at 9 a.m., so today they went to the pool before we had breakfast (I'm a bad mommy, I already know that).  So for breakfast, they had lollipops, cupcakes, chips, and every other thing catered by Willy Wonka.  And to show their approval, here is their infamous "Ugly Donkey Face."   *shudders*

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