The Man Of The House

1:14 AM

These past few months I truly have been in awe over how much my kids have grown.  Out of nowhere I noticed while holding Alex's hand, it feels much larger to me - its not like holding a little kid's hand anymore.  Seeing her teeth all grown in makes her look older, and she could quite possibly be taller than me in a year or so! And Lance - his growth is off the charts lately. In fact, I refuse to buy him clothes for a while, at least until the rough-playing summer months are over.  Everything I buy for him lasts only a few short months before he's drastically outgrown them.  His concentration level is improving, and I can tell its because of his determination - he is trying harder on his own.  And now, he is even performing the role of "man of the house" while daddy is away, taking care of his mama!

Earlier today Lance saw me grab the screw driver and head outside.  He asked what I was doing, and I told him I had to clean out the dryer vent since the clothes weren't getting dry.  He asked if he could do it, and I said of course.  All I did was explain what needed to be done, and I let him be.

Here he is cleaning out the dryer vent (Can you tell I don't check the lint trap religiously?)  And yes, that is an absurd amount of hair gel on his head.  I think I'll start calling him Ross.

Here is my man screwing shut the dryer vent.

And when he was finished, he proceeded to work on our neighbor's dryer vent as well!  I admit, this may seem like such a small chore, but its little things like this that make me realize that my babies are no longer babies.  And I hope his future wife will appreciate all the training he is going through :)

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