Halfway Down The Yellow Belt Road

7:28 AM

So about two weeks ago, I wrote about the kids' karate test.  Alex was very confident that she did well, and Lance, well, he was given a second chance the following week.  It turns out he passed!! He rocked it the second time around, determined that he could really focus and prove to himself that he can do anything he puts his mind to (that's a big deal to him, which is a good thing).  

Anyways - here is proof of my ignorance regarding the art form.  Apparently it takes two years to actually become a yellow belt?  I'm not sure how that works - perhaps someone would like to school me on the matter.  Despite the kids expected disappointment in not coming home with a nifty new belt, they were stoked nonetheless to pass and have pretty neat certificates.  I suppose this time next year, I'll be linking this post, and say "remember when we THOUGHT they were yellow belts? Now they are!" 

Hi, future me! (Eww, I don't like future me. She thirty!)

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