Fourth of July with Blue October!

7:14 AM

Happy Fourth everyone!!

This year, MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation - an organization that provides entertainment and morale for service members and families) sponsored the Fourth of July fest with the typical bounce houses, food, petting zoos, and live music.  The big headliner for this year was Blue October!  I was really excited about this, because the hubby is a pretty big fan and he just so happened to be here for a few days and was able to catch them.

We were right up front (other than a handful of excruciatingly drunk chicks standing in front of us), and to help Lance Jr see over the dancing drunks, I held him the whole time while we danced to the music.  The lead singer Justin Furstenfeld made eye contact with Lance several times and even waved to him!!  He even threw two guitar pics our way, but of course, the drunken bimbos thought those must have been tokens of affection, and my little man missed out on a crazy cool souvenir.

Anyways, here are a bunch of great pictures Big Lance took, and a video I took (forgive the occasional lopping off of the head - I was dancing and holding Lancey too!)  The show was spectacular, and I really appreciate it that they seemed very sincere in their appreciation for the military.

Alex was especially excited to see a violinist!

This picture makes him look like a Muppet :)

I was teasing Big Lance that he was giving him bedroom eyes in this pic

And at the end of the show, the violinist played the National Anthem to finish off a great Fourth of July

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