Day At The Movies

11:15 PM

A little confession - our family is seriously addicted to Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I mean, 12-steps addicted - every single last one of us.  Even Alex, who doesn't admit to like anything because she tries to come across as aloof and unattached to things.

If you've never watched the cartoon, I highly recommend it.  I have never, ever been into anything anime-ish at all, and when this show first started airing a few years back, I automatically applied my prejudices against it and hated it.  However, as any parent can relate, whatever the kiddos happen to watch on tv is my background noise (thank the Lord that Yo Gabba Gabba came out after their Nick Jr phase).  I would hear the cartoon as I would cook dinner, clean house, piddle around - and I would sometimes catch myself stopping what I was doing to see what was going on in the show.  I finally gave in and decided to watch it - and its fabulous!! Its such a smart and witty cartoon, with humor that any six year old will appreciate, and with a story line so deep and beautiful it honestly gives me goosebumps and makes me want to cry.  I kid you not - this show is amazing - check it out on Netflix and give it a shot!

Anyways, there are only three seasons to the show.  There was big hype about a live-action movie being made once Book 3 finished, and our family has been waiting ever-so-patiently for it to come out.

Yesterday was the big day here in our neck of the woods - it finally came to our theaters!  As you can see, the kiddos were so ecstatic to see the movie that they had to dress up to watch it (Lance even has a stuffed MoMo he brought with him to the theater).  I won't get into my critiques of the movie since most of you probably wouldn't care, but I just wanted to share how excited we were to see a movie we have been looking forward to (I will add a little disclaimer though - don't judge the cartoon based off the movie. It does no justice for it whatsoever.  Not even close).  All the kids that were in the theater seemed to be die-hard fans too because they were so excited to see "Aang" (Lance) coming to watch the movie as well.  Now, go to Netflix, put Avatar in your queue and watch it already!

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