Patching The Holes In Our Pockets

12:17 AM

I am a super proud mom today!

Let me preface this by telling you that this past Christmas, my mother gave both kiddos money as their Christmas present because I honestly couldn't tell her what they really wanted, plus with shipping costs to get stuff to us (as she's learned in prior years), we both agreed that the kids would appreciate the money.  They both bought a few little things they wanted, but in order to keep them from blowing their money on frivolous things (Lance especially is bad at that), I kept control over their finances.

Well, I have this thing about forgetting things.  It was only until a month and a half ago that I remembered the remainder of their Christmas cash.  I told them I still had it for them, and Lance would nag me every. single. day. to go to the store to buy something he HAD to have.  I know what my kids play with, and I know how quickly things get tossed aside, never to be seen until my annual toy box purge.  I have been trying to explain to Lance that if he keeps spending money just because he feels the need to come home with something, he will not have enough when it comes time to buying that something special you finally find.  Those words have fallen on deaf ears, and I continued to hold onto his cash.

Lo-and-behold, he finally realized what he really, really wanted.  He outgrew his bike he got two years ago, and he realized he actually had enough money to buy one if he wanted to.  He was SO excited, and I could see my lectures "click" with him finally!  We looked around at the local bases, and finally, at the last base, he found the bike he wanted.  And it was 15% off!  He was so ecstatic that he made such a big boy purchase, and that he "saved" his money to get it.

I hope he remembers today's accomplishment, and how he spent his money wisely on something he actually wanted and would use frequently.

And I hope this lesson clicks with me soon, too.

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