Karate Test

4:21 AM

Both kiddos started karate this past fall, and they finally took their first test a few days ago.  Alex has been practicing and was very confident in the test (her years of dancing helped her, I'm sure), and Lance was excited for the test, but didn't really show the same need or desire to rehearse.

That actually ended up being a very valuable lesson for him - all this year, his sister would tell me after each practice how Lance would goof off during class, and each time I always have to lecture and scold him about self control and making good choices.  They knew the test was coming for a few months now, and each week, I reminded my son of how he needed to really focus and try his best so he would be ready.  I know he was pretty close to nailing the moves he needed to know for his test (Alex is good at judging that stuff), and I think the combination of not being completely ready and his lack of confidence really showed in his test.

Lance's sensei knew that Lance had the potential and should have been able to ace the test, and urged Lance to try again, but Lance's confidence was visibly gone.  It was hard being a mom and sit watching my baby's ego deflated - there was nothing I could do but smile at him in encouragement.  Fortunately, Sensei said that he would give Lance a week to practice at home with Alex, and he would give him a second chance at his test for the yellow belt next week.

Lance cried the entire way home that night, and as bad as I felt for my baby, we talked it out, and he was able to see that it was through his choices at karate that he was not prepared.  I think that was a big turning point for him - I could see the switch flip in his head as he decided that he was tired of being self-destructive, and I could see the determination in his eyes to get it right.  Our struggle with him at times is teaching him appropriate behavior in different situations, and I hope that from this day forward, he will be reminded on how his choices have consequences.

Anyhow, here is a video of the kiddies warming up and doing their test.  I hope to report next week that Lance aced his test, and that I'll have two yellow belts.

Stay tuned!

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