Dance Recital: Hakuna Matata

4:30 PM

This dance is from Lance's musical theater class.  He's the one in black :)  This was actually the dance I was worried about in particular.  Every kid had the chance to say "Hakuna Matata" on stage, and for a slightly hyper 6 year old boy, a microphone is definitely a very tempting outlet for his crazy outbursts.  It sure didn't help that there were a few boys in that class who are equally as hyper, and all the boys feed off of each other, making things even worse!  I applaud their teacher for keeping her sanity and continuing with this class, lol, as I'm sure it was one crazy year for her!

So, every single time his class would rehearse this, he could not control himself.  Every single class I would drop him off at, I would remind him to control himself, to "make good choices," and to be a good example for all of the younger kids.  He is such a happy and good natured child, but he always is packed full of energy and the sillies.  Every time he would have his turn to say "Hakuna Matata," he would scream it, make up some other words to say, or just do completely inappropriate things at that time.  That is why I was overfilled with joy when it was his turn, and he did a magnificent job!  He said it very happily and cheerfully, but he didn't attempt to show off for his partners-in-crime :)

And here is my Prince Charming, returning my thumbs-up after his "solo" since he knew he did a great job.  Little moments like this make my heart melt :)

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