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5:23 AM

So, I learned something new today.  The hubs came home from work, giggling over his ever-expanding vocabulary (which can be quite colorful since he is a sailor and all...), explaining about how at work he and the guys were unpacking some new electronics in the shop.  They itemized all of their new goodies, checking it against the packing list, and kept coming across this word, and no one had the foggiest idea what it meant.  Finally one of the civilian tech reps (who I guess was in charge of the new stuff) walked in and the guys asked him what this certain thing was.  The tech rep laughed, and pointed to one of these.  I never knew that these had a name, I just always called them "USB cords."  But, my friend, there really is a name for these beloved items.  It is.....

a dongle!  Actually, according to Wiki, dongles encompass more than just the USB cords, its any small hardware or cord that plugs in via USB to the computer.  At any rate, I absolutely love my new word, and will attempt to use the word fourteen times a day.

Have you had your dongle today?

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