Staycation '10: Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower

8:47 PM

I swear one day I'll finish posting about our "staycation!"  Its been almost a month since we've went to all these places, but I just can't seem to find the time to keep up :)

The first place we went sightseeing in Tokyo was the Imperial Palace.  You can see the top of the roof to the right. 

This is the Nijubashi Bridge that leads to the Palace compound.

The Imperial Palace.  So beautiful!

The Palace hiding behind cool Japanese trees and the obligatory Cherry Blossom tree.

Our other "must see" for my mother-in-law was the Tokyo Tower.  It is the second tallest structure in Japan. Let me tell you - Brenda was not too fond of the height!  There are two observation decks.  The first one, which is where these pictures were taken, is 150 meters (492 feet) high.  Gorgeous!

This was just unbelievable! It looked like a giant starfish laying out in the middle of Tokyo!

And here is the view from the second observation deck - nearly twice as high at 250 meters (820 feet).  This deck really felt way high up!  I honestly could just sit there for days watching the hypnotic lights.  If I ever win the lottery, this is the view I want from my dream house!

A neat "sign" for the tower - its actually a light shining down onto the road.

Looking straight up at the tower (where the "sign" light is on the road).  It almost made me feel like falling backwards, looking that far up!  Those carp flags are for Boys Day, celebrated May 5.

Night view

A REALLY cool reflection of the tower Lance found on our way back to the train station.  

And, find for the day! Wasabi Kit Kats!  I almost bought this, but for $10, and the fact that I just can't stand wasabi, I opted not to buy it.  I really regret it now, though...I will buy it next time just to say that I've had Wasabi Kit Kats :)

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  1. I LOVE Japan! I went there in 2004 and have some very similar (though not as good) photos of the Imperial Palace. I THINK I also went up the tower, but don't remember it very well.

    Dropping by from Christchurch, New Zealand via. Kelly's Korner. :)

  2. Isn't Japan lovely? We've been in the Tower a few times, but we have never been lucky enough to be up there on a clear enough day to see Fuji.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

  3. your pictures are awesome!!

    i found your blog when planning a (failed) vacation for next weekend so this idea of staycation popped in mind! :)

    tokyo looks lovely through your lens


  4. Thank you, I appreciate it! Its amazing all of the little things that we overlook at home that we can make a vacation out of, huh?


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