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I'm one of those types of people that when I find something that works really well or I'm really happy with, I have to share it with everyone I know.  I hate being in search of something for years, trying different things and wasting countless dollars to find something that works.  If I find "the one" product that answers all of my prayers, you better bet I'm going to share my awesome find with everyone I know!

Case in point.  Ever since I have moved out on my own, I have tried and tried to find storage solutions for kitchen staples.  I loathe having bags of rice clipped in my cabinets, only to have them spill or have *shudder* bugs infiltrate (not that that's EVER happened to me...).  Or bags of sugar and flour.  Or my twenty seven bags of different types of chocolate chips.  Or oatmeal, pretzels, almonds, Splenda, ANY OF IT!  I detest these bags of necessities spilling in my cabinets.  Or if they come in containers, they don't fit well with anything else in the cabinet.  Bah!!

I've tried many different containers in the past, but I've never been happy.  I've had some thin plastic ones that warp and crack very easily.  Glass jars are heavy, and are generally in very few shapes or sizes.  I've had the containers for flour and sugar that have the handle on the side and the spout on top, but the lids always end up disgusting, and it makes more of a mess than anything else.  I have wasted tons of money trying to make my kitchen perfectly organized, all to no avail.

Then, one glorious day, I was strolling about in our poorly stocked Navy Exchange when I came across the OXO Good Grips containers.  I was very intrigued, but I wasn't too sure about them.  For weeks I'd stroll by them in the kitchen aisle and think that they were so neat looking, but surely they'd be a waste of money, like everything else I tried.  Finally, I broke down and bought one container just to try it out.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I loved it!  These things are fantastic!!  They have a plethora of size options (just check the options on Amazon) and they are modular and stack beautifully!  They seal airtight - just watch...

Here's an unsuspecting container of rice.  Look how pretty it looks, nice and protected from the elements.
But I need rice!  So, I gently press this nifty button on top...
And voilá!  The super high-tech-tight-locking-device-thingie has been deactivated!  No strain on the hands at all, for those of you with arthritis (or who have husbands who deploy all the dang time and aren't there to open those pesky jars!!)
Its that simple.  And that awesome.

Here is a quick picture I snapped of my "baking" cabinet.  I love how I can look for exactly what I need, and and easily see how much of a certain ingredient I have left.  I have separate containers for each of my chocolate chips, and the OCD side of me took out my labeler and labeled them as "milk chocolate" or "semi-sweet" so I could easily tell what is what.  I have my packets of yeast and gelatin in the small containers way up top, along with sprinkles and food dye and other odds-and-ends (and yes, that is a bottle of tequila on the side, teehee).  And when I bake bread, nearly every loaf can fit into one of the 5-quart containers, and retain its freshness!  I have struggled forever trying to figure out how to store bread! I cannot express to you how great they are.  They are made to be stacked and fit beautifully in your cabinet.  Even though its hard to tell in my picture because I have the large containers front and center, the one below is just a tease of what you could do with your kitchen.

Aren't they just beautiful?  *Sigh*  Even the guys at Food Network must agree - pay close attention the next time you watch Iron Chef America.  They are an investment, and I would buy a container or two each paycheck, but these are so strong, easy to clean, and practical that the investment I made in these containers are so worth it.  I'd say that these would be my #2 favorite kitchen item, right behind my KitchenAid mixer!  Yes, these are that fabulous :)

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