Oh, To Be A Kid Again...

12:06 PM

Man, oh man...sometimes I'm so glad to be an adult!  Especially when it comes to "dad" ordeals.  I love my husband terribly, but he really does remind me of my father growing up!  I'm not saying that in a bad way, but my dad would torment me and get a kick out of it, and the hubs does the same thing to our kiddos.  Poor babies.  I suspect that this is probably true of many dads out there!

Lance Jr's top tooth has been pretty loose for a while now.  Since Big Lance leaves for deployment soon, he was bound and determined to "pock" the tooth before he left, and when that man has a mission in mind, nothing can deter him.  Its a rather annoying quality, actually. 

So poor Lancey...his daddy had his eyes set on pocking that tooth.  He tried to make it "fun" for my son by coming up with tons of super creative ideas on how they could tackle the tooth.  Dad decided a string had to be involved.  After all, big sister lost a tooth with the ole "string-on-the-doorknob" trick, and she's generally a bigger chicken than her kid brother.  So, daddy grabs thread and ties it around Lance's tooth. Yes, sewing thread.  He managed to get it around the top of the tooth in order to secure it, and as it turns out, the string was not coming out at all.  It was trapped.  Once the string was in place, daddy suggests the doorknob trick, tying it to the collar of our dog (a Great Dane, mind you), tying it to the back of the van bumper...you know, the types of things dads would think of.  Poor Lance was totally over this, and yet the string was permanently attached to his tooth.  And dad was dead set on the tooth.

After a while I just could not take it anymore, and demanded that enough was enough.  The tooth was...nasty and dangly, and a dark blue thread adhered to the roots forever.  That didn't stop us from going out to dinner though!


Finally, after we got back from the store and dinner last night, the Lances laid in bed together for what must have been at least three hours.  I had already tucked the kiddos in for the night, and gave up on checking on Big and Little L after a while.  Lo and behold, after a day of shear agony and torture, the Lances succeeded in Daddy's mission! The first top tooth is finally a-goner!  Welcome, Lancey, to your awkward years!


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