Music Recital

7:17 AM

It is SUCH a busy time of year! Lance has been coming and going out of town (country...), my mother-in-law came for a visit, deployment is looming, and there are about a billion recitals coming!  Last weekend was the kids' music recitals. When we started homeschooling this past February, I decided to put the kids in music lessons so I wouldn't have to worry about neglecting that aspect of their education. 

Alex is DYING to play the guitar, but since I can't find a teacher around here to give her lessons, I convinced her that taking the violin would be a good alternative for now. It will give her a year-and-a-half of stringed instrument instruction as well as learning to read music before we move back stateside. My stepdad plays the guitar, so I've already committed him to being her teacher when we move back :)

Lance Jr. decided he wanted to play the piano. The kiddos got a keyboard to share for Christmas, and he would play with it so frequently that I knew he really had a real desire for it. And let me tell you, these kids really picked up their instruments quickly! I honestly didn't expect them to be a part of this year's music recital since we were such late joiners, but they participated! Lance played "Yankee Doodle" as well as "Camptown Races," and Alex played a more "grown-up" song called "Open String Samba." I have a video of it, but wouldn't you know, I think Lance has the SD card on his camera (He's out of town. Again.)  You'll just have to enjoy their cuteness in these pics and just trust me when I say they did great!

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