Dance Recital

9:18 AM

Did I mention we have been busy lately?  Up now was this spring's dance recital, themed "That's Entertainment."  This was put on by the amazing Jillian Hughes, who has blessed our little base with her talent, expertise, and passion in dance!  When we first moved to Japan, Alex was six and had already been dancing since she was three.  She, like many other little girls, started dancing because she wanted to be a pretty ballerina, but Alex has really grown up these past three years.  Her dance teacher has taken her under her wing and Alex's passion for the art has exploded!  She is now quite the talented performer, dancing an average of two hours a day in her many, many classes.  Alex is considering pursuing a career in dance: what exactly that entails she is unsure of, but she already began taking French lessons (without my nudge!) so she can get a head start in the ballet world!

Lance Jr, wanting to be a part of what Alex does, decided to take dance this year also.  As much of a silly-goose as he is, he really, truly shocked me with his performance this year in the recital.  During each and every rehearsal I watched throughout the year, he would be spacey, goofing off with the other kids, making fart sounds with his armpits, and every other awful thing a strange boy can come up with.  I held my breath as he took the stage for his big day, and wouldn't you know it?  That boy brought tears to my eyes!  I was utterly amazed by the self control he possessed, and yet how happy of a performer he still was on stage!  Not to mention...he's not half bad!  He was pretty darn good, actually!  It must be genetic...but skipped my generation!

Anywho, the next several posts will be of the recital. I'll put up pictures that I took of the corresponding dance as well.  Forgive all of my mommy-bragging, but hey, its my blog, right? ;)

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