Chocolate Covered Love!

2:52 AM

One of the awesome treats I've been introduced to while living in Japan is Pocky.  Now, I do recall seeing this being sold in some section of the mall years before, but I never even thought twice to try it.  Lets just say I have a developed a teeny tiny obsession for it!  If you haven't tried them, you are missing out! They are a thin, pretzel/crisp breadstick rod dipped in chocolate.  Very yummy indeed.  Now imagine my surprise when I found this at the Narita Airport...
The hubs and I did a double-take and rushed to the stand to buy a box of the ginormous Pocky.  I've never seen them before - but lately, there have been all sorts of special-edition snacks around (I'll have to share some other neat finds soon).  We all devoured the individually-wrapped treats on the way back home from dropping my amazing mother-in-law off at the airport, all but the lone one pictured below.
Now that they are all gone, I think I'm just going to lay in bed and sulk for a few days.  *Sigh*

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