Staycation '10: Disney Sea Edition

8:17 PM

Next up on our staycation tour is Tokyo Disney Sea!  While I am a die-hard Disney fan, the Disney parks in Tokyo don't quite have that "magic" that Disney World has.  Regardless, Disney Sea is one of those places you just HAVE to experience (if you just so happen to be in the Tokyo area)!  It is the most beautiful park I have ever seen by far, and walking around the different areas definitely makes you feel as if you are walking around gorgeous European waterfronts.  I am no photographer, and my pictures could never do justice, but I hope you at least get some appreciation of the beauty that Disney Sea has to offer!

Once you walk into the park, there is a large lake right in front of you, and on the other side is this awesome volcano!  The ride "Journey To The Center Of The Earth" is inside the volcano.

This area is called the Mermaid Lagoon.

Inside is Ariel's grotto, with a bunch of kiddie rides, a theater for the Ariel performance, a restaurant, and shops (of course).

The Tower of Terror...

and my mother-in-law Brenda's priceless face! We are on the front and middle right hand rows. 

A crashed plane close to the Indiana Jones ride.  Alex was the one to point out something neat about this plane...I'm ashamed I've never noticed!

The kiddies in front of the temple for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ride.

And my mother-in-law freaking out on the ride. Again!

Donald Duck in a yukata.  He was rocking out with three chefs, making music with trash cans, woks, and spatulas.

Arabia by day...

And night!

Mermaid Lagoon and Ariel's statue at night. 

A bunch of different neat night shots of the volcano

The volcano erupts!

This is the nightly "BraviSEAmo" show.  It is a love story between fire and water.  The fire dragon was completely submersed under water, and eerily rose out of the water, catching fire!

Nightly fireworks to finish off a beautiful day!

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  1. Oh my goodness! This made me SO happy and reaffirmed my goal that I need to go to EVERY Disney park. I am a Disney fanatic but I have only been to DisneyWorld (and worked there). But this is so incredible. :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. Yay, glad to have inspired you! Disney World was way better (in my opinion... Japan's doesn't have the "magic"), but Disney Sea was the most beautiful BY FAR! It left me speechless!

  3. Awesome! I've been to Tokyo Disneyland, but not to this park, sadly. :( I love Donald Duck and his yukata, haha!

  4. As I said in the last comment, it was astoundingly beautiful! They went above and beyond building that park, and it breaks my heart that we don't have one stateside. If you go back to Japan, its definitely worth the trip!

  5. the mermaid lagoon was seriously so cool. But I didn't notice anything special about Indiana's plane...what was it? Really cool post...I think this SUYL is really interesting! God bless you in your stay in Japan

  6. Thanks Kelly! As for the plane, check out the writing on it ;)

  7. Your posts about Japan make me want to cry... we moved from Yokosuka to Dallas about 3 years ago. I loved Disney Sea. So many happy memories there. Anyway, thanks for sharing! The pictures are gorgeous and exactly how I remember it.

  8. Haynes Family - We were neighbors! We went to Yokosuka all the time to go shopping! Or to eat at Chili's... hehe :) I'm glad to have reminded you of the beauty there, it definitely was a memorable time for us.


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