My Birthday Gift

11:38 PM

A few days ago was my birthday, and my amazingly thoughtful kids made presents for me, like they normally do.  We happened to be staying in Tokyo overnight on my birthday, and my daughter even brought along the homemade presents so I would receive them on time :)

I am always overwhelmingly excited to see what wares my kiddos present me, but this year blew the top!  What is so special about my present this year is that it is something I needed. And not only did I need it, but I have never vocalized my need for said gift, which goes to show how well my kids know me.  And what is this hyped-up gift I got this year??

A cupcake ring holder!  Made out of Bendaroos, of course! (My kids L-O-V-E Bendaroos, by the way, in case you were wondering if they were worth buying).  Somehow the kiddos realized that I've been needing something to put my rings in when I wash dishes or cook something messy, so they went ahead and made one for me.  Now I will never have to worry about my rings slipping off of the kitchen window ledge :)  

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