Kamikochi Hiking Tour

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A few months ago the kids and I went on a great tour and I'm just now getting around to writing about it!    We went on a hiking tour to the Kamikochi Mountains, otherwise known as the "Japanese Alps."  I was very nervous about taking the kids on this tour because it involved only hiking and enjoying the natural beauty, and no rides or gift shops.  As it turned out, they absolutely loved this tour and had a blast!  In fact, they said that this was probably one of their favorite places we have been to so far in Japan, which was a big relief on my part.  I was so proud that my kids really enjoyed the beauty and serenity that this area had to offer, and I cannot wait to take them to more places like this.

I think one of the most shocking things I noticed while I was on this tour was how clean everything was.  We are so accustomed to living in a city environment with cars and smog and starless nights.  We were in awe when we noticed how sweet and clean the air smelled, and it was a big eye opener to how much damage we are doing to our world.  I hope you enjoy my little snapshots of paradise!

Isn't that gorgeous?

Look at how crystal clear the water is!  It was pretty warm up there, but since this was truly mountain spring water, it was ice-freaking-cold!

The kiddos were looking for rocks to add to their collection

This tree really caught my attention... it reminded me of a cow lol

Isn't that amazing?

I loved this one too.  See the moon?

The kiddos actually getting along :)

The kids were peeking underneath the bridge to see the fish below.  I do have to admit, however, that the terrible mommy in me scared the bejeezus out of them after I took this pic and I "BOO"d loud as hell, teehee! Don't worry, I made sure to grab onto them first

I thought this was cool - it was a rotten tree stump, and this angle  you are looking at is actually the inside of the tree.  I love those spiky things - must be the inside part of the "knots" on a tree

A cool nest one of the kids found

The kids chatting with a duck.  Hello, Mr. Duck!

The kids looking for more rocks. I am in loooove with this picture!

Peace out!

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