Reindeer Pellets

4:09 AM

For the past three or four years, our family has been slightly untraditional in the Santa's cookie department.  I am a HUGE fan of cookie dough, and a while back I randomly decided to make these truffle-like cookie dough balls and they have been such a huge hit since!  Santa seems to like these as well ;)  Being the silly mommy I am, I dubbed these delicious dough balls "Reindeer Pellets," and my kids, understanding the humor of it, always brag to their friends and teachers during the holiday season about how their mommy makes pellets for dessert! If only I could see their teachers' reactions, lol.  Anyways, if you are a cookie dough fan, these should be right up your alley.  These are super easy to make too, and you can recruit the help of the little elves at home to shape these up :)

Reindeer Pellets

1 package chocolate chip cookie dough (or preferred cookie dough)
1 package melting chocolate

1.  Line cookie sheet with wax paper.

2.  Pinch off cookie dough in small, bite-sized pieces. Roll into ball and place on cookie sheet.

3.  Place cookie dough balls in freezer for about 15 minutes, long enough to get firm.  Dip cookie dough balls in dipping chocolate and place back on cookie sheet.  Refrigerate until chocolate sets.

4.  Store pellets in freezer or refrigerator.

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