Fun Yummy Yogurt

4:56 PM

This isn't a recipe, but I thought I'd just share what I sometimes do for my kids' school lunches.  I don't buy the GoGurts or the cool colorful yogurts because, well, I'm a terrible mom, I suppose.  Actually, I used to buy the stuff, but it seems like its worse for you than it is good, and half the time the kids wouldn't get around to eating it and I'd have to toss the expensive box of yogurt in the trash.

For a while now I've been buying the large containers of plain vanilla yogurt and I'll put a bunch of "goodies" in the snack-sized bags for them to mix in later.  I add healthy stuff like different types of nuts (Thing One is a vegetarian and she needs all the protein she can get!), raisins, wheat germ (good for fiber and protein!), granola cereal, anything of that sort.  I also always add something fun in there so the kids will enjoy eating it, like sprinkles, a few chocolate chips, maybe a couple of marshmallows....healthy, I know, and almost counterproductive, but hey, they are kids.  If half a dozen chocolate chips or a few sprinkles makes their smiles light up at lunch time at school, then that makes me happy :)

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