Letter Of Intent

9:54 PM

Yay for my first post! My intention for this blog is to chronicle my journey in spreading my wings in the kitchen. For years I would just "make" dinner for my family, often having the same things week after week, and more often than not preparing things that are prepackaged with all the ingredients in the box. I realized this wasn't "cooking" and it didn't bother me my first few years of marriage. Once I found Foodie friends who would talk about things they made for dinner the night before, jealousy built up inside of me and made me think of my lack of adventure in the kitchen. I loved the idea of cooking, but that stuff is way too hard, right?

One day my husband was talking about all the things he misses from back home in Louisiana that his mom used to make for him and his three brothers. It dawned on me that once my rugrats leave the nest, they aren't going to brag about my homemade chocolate chip cookies, or how amazing Thanksgiving dinner was every year at our house, or about their favorite dish I would make for their birthday meals. And why not? Because I hadn't been making things worthy enough to be yearned for! I want my husband to be able to brag at work about how his wife makes the best (fill-in-the-blank), and my kids to get excited for me to make a certain treat for their friends and their play dates. For the past year or so, I have decided to undertake the task of trying lots of new things in the kitchen, to hone basic culinary skills, and to build up a respectable size collection of worthy recipes. This blog is my way to document my journey, to keep myself accountable to my "make something new everyday" rule, and perhaps to inspire others to try new things as well. After all, we learn something new everyday, right? Might as well be tasty!

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