Laughing Tony's Grilled Cheese

4:11 AM

While this is hardly a "recipe," I figured I should share how I make my most favorite grilled cheese in the world to go along with the tomato soup recipe below. I sort of just made the title up just now in order to name my blog post, but you'll soon see the title fits. I kid you not when I tell you that I eat this nearly every single day for lunch. Ask the hubs. He hopes I make it so he can steal my sandwich, which is so not cool. Its a fairly light meal, and using olive oil instead of butter is a very, very healthy alternative to butter. Don't believe me? Check this out. Anyhow, a small lesson in the staples of my household:

1. Laughing Cow Cheese (I buy "Light"): If you haven't had this before, its like a small, single portion-sized slice of flavored cream-cheese spread. Great for crackers, sandwiches, apples, etc. Only 35 calories for the little fella!

2. Tony's Chachere's: A cajun-blend spice made in Louisiana that is the pride of the state. My husband says you can tell which guys on the aircraft carrier are from Louisiana because they carry a can of this stuff on their mess-deck trays. I'm running dangerously on this low on since they don't sell it here (*winkwink* Mom and Brenda!)

You have to try both of these, they are amazing things to have in the house!

Back to the sandwich. Super easy to make. Just drizzle a little bit of olive oil in a frying pan and rub your first piece of bread around the pan to coat it. On your second slice of bread, spread your Laughing Cow cheese, sprinkle some Tony's (or anything, really...oregano is my runner up) then top the sandwich! When you flip your sandwich, drizzle a little more olive oil for the top slice of bread, and you end up with a crispy, delicious, spicy grilled cheese!

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