Bon Odori Festival

6:23 AM

If you haven't gathered already, my family and I live in Japan to follow my husband's military career. Today our base held its annual Bon Odori Festival, and me and the kiddies went for a few hours. A Bon Odori festival is an annual festival Japanese Buddhists hold to honor their deceased relatives. It filled with music, Taiko drumming, dancing, and food - as every festival should have!

We expected insanely long lines for the food stands, so we made sure to have lunch before we left. Since we got there in between lunch and dinner hours, the crowd was unusually thin as were the lines for food, toy stands, and the jump house - yay! It was much easier to bribe Thing One and Thing Two to behave knowing I could wait in short lines for rewards.

One thing we had to day was - get this - deep fried baked potatoes! I have never seen these before at any festival stateside, so I don't know if this is a new thing or just something I've always missed. I was intrigued and I bought one for 500 yen (about $5) for the three of us to share. There wasn't anything surprising about this - it was a baked potato, deep fried in a tempura-type of batter, then when you buy one, they cut it open, sprinkle the inside with salt, and put a LOAD of creamy butter right on top. I could only bring myself to eat one bite (ok, it was two) because a vision of a massive heart attack repeatedly flashed before my eyes, but it was really good! In a greasy, buttery, carnival-type food kind of way. I attempted to find a recipe for it to post for you in case you decide to make one for yourself, but after Googling for about 45 minutes, I gave up. If you wanted to make it, I can't imagine that it would be difficult to figure out. Just bake the potato to ensure it is cooked through, batter it in tempura, then drop it in your deep fryer until the batter is nice and golden brown! It was a fun new thing to try, but fortunately for my health, can only be had every once in a very, very blue moon!

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